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General Information

  • Who do I contact for a Quote?

    You can contact us directly from our website by submitting the Contact Us and a XGrass sales manager will reach out to you. If you prefer to speak to someone in person go to the Find A Rep on our website.

  • What is the XGrass service area?

    XGrass has a nationwide network of sales representative and installers to provide the best service to you. We have dealers serving major metros across the United States including Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Lexington, Los Angeles, Louisville, Miami, Minneapolis, Montgomery, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Reno, Reno, Richmond, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, and St. Louis.

  • Why should I choose XGrass?

    At XGrass, we do it all – and we do it better than anyone else. That’s because we have three generations of experience designing and installing beautiful recreational surfaces. We employ our own installation crews and service your project with customer service oriented sales managers. There is simply nothing to replace experience.

  • What are all the applications that XGrass synthetic turf can be used for?

    Playgrounds, commercial lawns and landscaping areas, dog runs & kennels, neighborhood communities, roof tops, golf greens, recreational play spaces and more!

  • How long will XGrass synthetic turf last?

    XGrass has a limited 10 year UV warranty. Length of the turf lifespan depends on the volume and type of foot traffic (wear and tear). For example, playgrounds in a public park may not last as long as one in a supervised early childhood facility. Obviously, turf installed in a residential application with very little foot traffic will last the longest length of time.

  • Is XGrass synthetic turf safe for playgrounds?

    Synthetic turf presents a surface that is softer than many forms of natural earth and grass. A child’s play will does not result in grass and mud stains nor the concerns of loose fill surfaces like wood mulch or rubber nuggets. XGrass has great versatility and decidedly superior safety features. It can be installed over hard surfaces to provide a soft, safe playground and can be engineered for falls up to 12 feet. The XGrass system complete with pad and infill also looks and feels natural, without the constant maintenance. Lastly, XGrass is reliable – it can be played on year round, even after it rains.

  • What kind of maintenance can I expect after XGrass synthetic turf is installed?

    There is minimal maintenance recommended. The turf should be groomed with a stiff broom periodically if you want the turf to continue to stay upright. To gather leaves and foliage typically deposited by wind and weather you can simply blow the turf off with a leaf blower. Never set a running leaf blower on the turf as the exhaust will melt the turf.

  • Can I expect weeds to grow on my synthetic turf?

    As long as the surface of the turf is kept free of organic material there will not be an issue. It is possible for seeds to germinate on top of synthetic turf if there is enough silt and leaves allowed to build up. The backing material along with the stone base provides a strong barrier that dramatically inhibits root growth to the underlying stone and soils.

  • What about insects and allergens?

    Not an issue. Neither the infill nor the synthetic grass is conducive to infestation at any level comparable to grass. It is important to keep any wind-borne organic material blown off the turf and topical insect solutions can be used should you ever run into a problem.

  • How does XGrass drain?

    XGrass synthetic turf is manufactured with special backing that provides superior drainage vertically. An XGrass installation includes a clean stone base that further facilitates the drainage of water after it passes through the XGrass itself. This helps keep water moving downward to the subbase which the water will flow along.

  • Can XGrass be damaged?

    Synthetic turf can be damaged by intentional vandalism. However, it can usually be cleaned with typical cleaning solvents. In the case of a melt (from something such as a cigarette or firework), the surface could be patched using replacement materials. The surfaces are flame resistant, but will melt under intense heat.

  • Can XGrass be used for kennels, dog runs, etc. and how do I wash out contaminants?

    Yes! Solid waste can be easily removed, liquids wash away and will not harm or affect the turf fibers. We do recommend you hose down the areas on a periodic basis to wash out any urine or other possible contaminants. Antimicrobial spray applicants can be used on the turf if needed. Please contact XGrass for further information on available products.

  • What happens if a child or pet swallows the infill material?

    The acrylic coated sand that we use for playground installations is nontoxic and will pass through the system should any be ingested. More detailed information is available through your local XGrass sales manager.