Clean & Safe Playground Surfacing that Kids Love

As a company that was essentially founded on the concept of keeping kids safe, we have developed a number of innovative solutions to help schools, parks and facilities extend the safety of their playground surfacing beyond the equipment area.

A Complete and Safe System

The Perfect Turf

Using our knowledge and experience from designing and building both playgrounds and athletic fields, we developed a synthetic grass product line ideal for these applications.  Our distinct fibers create fields that are soft to the touch, but utilize a highly durable thatch layer that provides the support and durability for even the toughest applications.

Innovative Designs

Once we have specified the perfect turf for your field, our team at Lanmark Designs can work with you to bring your space to life.

Open Play
Heat Block
Heat Block

We don’t want to be the “hottest” product on the market. With Heat Block color options, our turf is 17.5° F cooler than the competitors’ artificial grass systems.

Shine Block
Shine Block

Shine Block blade profiles reduce the reflective quality of the fiber allowing our grass to appear more like a healthy, well-trimmed, natural lawn.

Athletic Field
Installation Cross Section

Over Aggregate Base with Concrete Border

Since Open Play Fields can serve a variety of purposes - from basic play areas to recreational fields for playing kickball – there is an array of turf products and construction methods available.  This image shows an optional PolyGreen foam pad with uncoated sand infill.

When installed with a concrete border, the turf can be nailed or stapled into the pressure treated support boards and then covered with Envirofill infill to give the turf a more natural appearance and limit any movement or shifting of the turf.

Recommended for Open Play


XGrass Prime

Face Weight: 53 oz

Superlawn 1st Cut

Face Weight: 60 oz

Superlawn Elite

Face Weight: 70 oz

Superlawn Xtreme

Face Weight: 80 oz

Bermuda Elite

Face Weight: 80 oz

Bermuda Pro

Face Weight: 60 oz

Bermuda Xtreme

Face Weight: 80 oz


Face Weight: 50 oz

Fescue Pro

Face Weight: 55 oz

Fescue Xtreme

Face Weight: 80 oz

Luxury Rec

Face Weight: 72 oz

St. Augustine Elite

Face Weight: 82 oz

St. Augustine Natural

Face Weight: 62 oz

Superlawn 7

Face Weight: 74 oz

Superlawn Pro

Face Weight: 62 oz

Superlawn Ultimate

Face Weight: 90 oz

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