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Artificial Grass Features by XGrass

XGrass Shield Technology

At XGrass we continue to research and innovate during the manufacturing process of artificial grass. We've designed several turf system features that are built into the artificial grass fibers. Learn more about XGrass Shield features and how they can protect your artificial grass system. Look for the Shield logo when browsing XGrass turf products. 

Anti-Static and Anti-Microbial Pet Product
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Antimicrobial Shield

Elevate the hygiene and safety of artificial grass surfaces for playgrounds and pet spaces with our revolutionary antimicrobial solution. Engineered with cutting-edge antimicrobial technology, Antimicrobial Shield™ acts as a formidable barrier against the growth of microorganisms, ensuring that XGrass synthetic turf remains not only pristine but also substantially safer.


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Antistatic Shield

Antistatic Shield™ is a cutting-edge technology that forms an invisible barrier, significantly reducing static electricity accumulation on XGrass synthetic turf surfaces. With a focus on safety and comfort, it ensures a carefree playtime for children and pets alike. Experience the perfect blend of science and practicality with Antistatic Shield™, redefining the way we enjoy artificial grass environments.