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Year Round Performance

Driving ranges and other high-traffic tee areas can take a beating.  With XGrass synthetic grass golf turf, you and your members will enjoy a year-round edge for practice or play in all weather conditions.

Realistic Performance that Lasts

Golf Tee Line & Driving Mat Turf

XGrass has a number of artificial turf products ideal for driving ranges, tee boxes and hitting mats - delivering a clean, consistent, maintenance-free surface that lasts for years, even in high-traffic environments.


  • Drains exceptionally well
  • Lasts for up to 8 years with proper care
  • Reliable in all climates
  • Reduces maintenance expenses
  • Requires no water, chemicals or fertilizer
  • Custom designed to fit your facility and needs
XGrass Tee Line Turf
Continuous Tee

Delivers maximum flexibility as turf can be cut to any length.

Ultimate Tee Mats with Surround

Provides clearly defined hitting stations for uniformity in daily set up.

Replaceable Hitting Strip Stations

Lowers cost – interchangeable hitting mats allow for as-needed replacement.

Concrete Base
Installation Cross Section

Over Concrete Base

When installing XGrass tee line turf over a concrete base we recommend using our outdoor adhesive to affix the turf.  No infill is required.

Recommended for Tee Lines/Mats

Ultimate Tee

Face Weight: 120 oz

Tee Line Gallery