Turf for Pet Areas

Digging, scratching – and, oh yes, that other stuff.  Dogs can be tough on grass, but XGrass synthetic turf can take it.  Designed to stand up to whatever your animals can dish out, XGrass turf systems will give you a beautiful, long-lasting yard.

Roll Over Real Grass

Turf Benefits

With XGrass pet and landscaping products, mud, puddles and pesticides are a thing of the past.  Our turf systems require no water and are virtually maintenance-free - saving you time, money and hassle.   They are ideal for families with children and pets and are one of the most environmentally friendly landscaping solutions available.


  • Provides mud-free playing surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Eliminates chemicals & fertilizers
  • Minimize allergen exposure
  • Stays green all year long
TruFlo Backing

Our 100% permeable, TruFlo backing system allows liquids to flow through at rates over 400 inches per hour.


Infused with Microban® antimicrobial technology, Envirofill inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Tile Subsurface

Tile installed beneath your turf allows water to drain away quickly and completely.

Odor Treatment

ProVet Logic Kennel Care is an enzymatic spray that will seek out and degrade odor causing organic matter

Mulch Border
Installation Cross Section

Over Aggregate Base with Mulch Border

Construction of our pet turf system features our XGrass Pet Turf with TruFlo backing installed over drain tile and a clean aggregate base and then infilled with antimicrobial Envirofill.

For stability, install 24” stakes around the perimeter and then attach pressure treated support boards that will accommodate the nails or staples used to secure the turf.

Recommended for Pets


XGrass Pet

Face Weight: 60 oz

Superlawn 1st Cut

Face Weight: 60 oz

Superlawn 7

Face Weight: 74 oz

Superlawn Xtreme

Face Weight: 80 oz

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