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XGrass is the industry leader in synthetic turf and has been for decades. We’ve installed thousands of engineered turf systems. Check out what decades of innovation can accomplish. It’s time for XGrass.

Proven Systems For Every Application

Engineered To Perform

Innovative XGrass Fiber
Turf Fiber

XGrass signature products are tufted with XGrass Fiber, our innovative artificial grass fiber that replicates the look of healthy, natural grass.

Permeable Backing

Our artificial turf products feature a variety of backing options to best suit your end application.

Polygreen Play Absorption

Polygreen Play attenuation padding offers the ultimate shock absorption for playgrounds and play areas.

Environmentally-Friendly Infill

We’re proud to offer a variety of safe, effective infill options that reduce compaction and ensure that your XGrass system retains its full look.

Quick-Drain & Dry Tile
Drain Tile

Optional drain tile can be installed beneath our turf products to provide a cleaner drainage path for water and pet waste.

Install with Confidence
Tools & Adhesives

XGrass offers tools, tapes and adhesive products based on years of proven experience so that you can install with confidence.

Reinventing the Playground

We're transforming playgrounds with innovative play surfaces that are safe, fun and functional. Our expert staff provides comprehensive product offerings including playground turf, game court tile, pour-in-place and bonded rubber surfaces that can be combined to create a comprehensive and customized amenity for your school or facility.

Signature Products

Engineered for Play

XGrass Prime

XGrass Prime was developed for safety, performance and durability. It’s the perfect solution for an IPEMA-certified playground surfacing system or any open play area. Its unique fiber blend replicates the look of natural grass and offers enhanced durability for commercial applications and playgrounds.

Product Benefits:
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Vibrant, Natural Green Color
  • Designed for Safety & Comfort
  • IPEMA Certified Component
The Ultimate Luxury

Superlawn Xtreme

Superlawn Xtreme is one of our most versatile turf products ideal for creating thick, plush lawns and landscaping. It utilizes an extra tall pile height of tri-tone fiber with a natural tan thatch that simulates the look and feel of a beautiful fescue lawn or the fringe of a tour quality golf green.

Product Benefits:
  • Matches Indigenous Grass
  • Reduced Reflectivity with Shine Block
  • Highly-Permeable DuraFlo Backing
  • Conforms to Slopes and Contours
Versatility at its Best

Superlawn First Cut

Originally designed as a turf to mimic the look and feel the fringe of a golf green, Superlawn First Cut has evolved into one of our most versatile turf products. With a face weight of 60 oz. and an attractive tri-tone green fiber with natural tan thatch, it blends the qualities of XGrass Prime and Superlawn Elite, making it ideal for many play, lawn and landscaping applications.

Product Benefits:
  • Matches Indigenous Grass
  • Reduced Reflectivity with Shine Block
  • Cooler Temps with Heat Block
  • Highly-Permeable DuraFlo Backing
Turf for Man’s Best Friend

XGrass Pet

Turf for Man’s Best Friend! Punched clear unrethane for odor reduction, beefed up, thick, shorter pile height for ease of solid waste cleaning.

Product Benefits:
  • Provides safe, mud-free playing surface
  • Minimize pests and allergen exposure
  • More availability and less downtime due to weather or maintenance
  • Eliminates harmful fertilizers and insecticides
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces digging
  • Stays green all year long
Practice Like a Pro

Short game Elite

Our most popular and proven synthetic turf for putting greens. Short Game Elite provides a realistic putting surface that accepts short game shots and can be used to create tour quality putting greens.

Product Benefits:
  • Attractive Summer Blend Color
  • Realistic Performance
  • Cooler Temps with Heat Block
  • Highly-Permeable DuraFlo Backing
It starts with an idea

Lanmark Designs

Need help getting started? Lanmark Designs specializes in adding elements of fun, activity and healthy living to your space. Landscape Architects blend the core elements of landscape design with innovative, environmentally-friendly surfacing from XGrass, Play It, VersaCourt, Tour Greens and Mulch Outfitters to create spaces that truly come to life.

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Nationwide Coverage

We believe installing our products should be a seamless, hassle-free experience. That’s why we’ve created a nationwide network of sales managers to provide all of the expertise and materials you need for your surfacing projects.

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