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Reinventing the Playground

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Meadows School is a college preparatory school that serves approximately 900 students from Pre-K through 12th grade. XGrass was engaged to re-develop the grade school’s play area to make it not only more fun and engaging, but also safer, cleaner and more organized.


Synthetic Turf Fields

Growing and maintaining a natural grass field in the Southwest United States is challenging enough due to its arid climate, but it is nearly impossible when the field is also in constant use. To deal with this challenge, designers were already looking to employ synthetic turf throughout the play area. By incorporating multiple colors, our team developed this innovative field that could be used for kickball and Wiffle ball games without the need to drag out bases and a pitching rubber.

Meadows Open Play

Basketball Courts

With its numerous color options and fast-draining, open-grid solution technology, VersaCourt’s outdoor court tile provided an awesome option for enhancing both the look and appearance of the new playground. This low-maintenance surfacing option is a comfortable and safe alternative to concrete and asphalt courts. The team at the Recreational Group not only designed and installed the surfacing, but the courts were outfitted with industry-leading Ball Hog basketball goals.

Meadows Basketball Courts

Bonded Rubber Mulch Walkways

Bonded rubber mulch walkways from Duraflex were incorporated into the design to help direct the flow of children throughout the play area. The strategically located walkways help deter children from walking too closely to those playing on playground equipment or through active courts or fields. Like all of the playground’s surfacing, the Duraflex bonded rubber mulch walkways stay clean in any weather and require virtually no maintenance. Plus, unlike loose fill products like wood mulch or pebbles, the bonded rubber mulch does not get tracked into the school buildings or get into the student’s clothes.

Meadows Mulch Walkways

Poured-in-Place Safety Surfacing

To ensure the safety of the students, specialists from Duraflex installed a poured-in-place (PIP) rubber safety surface under the playground equipment. The height of the equipment required a fairly thick base to meet ASTM F1292 standards for impact attenuation so a deep foundation was installed to minimize the transition to the surrounding areas. By incorporating the PIP surfacing flush with the rest of the area, the playground minimizes trip hazards and complies with ADA guidelines for accessibility.

Meadows PIP Playground Surfacing

PIP Rubber Line Up AreasLine up

The creative flexibility of poured-in-place rubber allows it to be used for many different applications. Surfacing was used in this case to create a line up area for kids to gather before returning to class. Not only does this area help teachers organize their students but it can be used to group teams during sports activities.

Line Up Areas

Bonded Rubber Mulch Tree WellsTree Wells

Bonded rubber mulch was used to create tree wells throughout the playground, providing beautiful, low-maintenance landscape accents throughout The Meadows School grounds. Tree wells are an aesthetically-pleasing way to break up large areas of turf and a great option for those who like the natural look of mulch without the hassle of it being scattered around.

Tree Well

4-Square Courts4-square

The VersaCourt tiling system is not just limited to basketball courts. Our designers incorporated a set of 4-Square courts into The Meadows School playground that allow kids to play without interfering with those playing on the basketball court. This area of the playground stands out with its multi-color design and the open-grid tiles are much more forgiving than asphalt or concrete.

4-Sqaure Court