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Family Friendly Fun

Putting courses are quickly becoming a favorite amenity of hotels, resorts and living communities and XGrass has the turf you need to create your own. Putting courses can be designed for both indoor and outdoor settings - providing a safe, fun activity for people of all ages.

Mini Golf Turf


Our mission at XGrass is to help people live more active lives, installing a putting course is a fun way to get members of your community moving.  XGrass can help you create a traditional putt-putt golf facility or add mini golf to your backyard or rooftop oasis.


  • Customizable designs
  • Low maintenance
  • Adds beauty and functionality to any space
  • Great amenity for resorts & other communities
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to install
XGrass Smooth Putt Golf Green Turf
Putting Design
Custom Designs

Our in-house design team will help you design a unique and exciting putting course for your space.

Putting Fiber
Durable Fibers

American-made XGrass is manufactured with premium fibers specifically developed for a wide range of sports.

Putting Courses
Installation Cross Section

Over Concrete Base

When installing XGrass putting course turf over a concrete base we recommend using our outdoor adhesive to affix the turf.  No infill is required.

Recommended for Putting Greens

Ready Putt

Face Weight: 36 oz

Short Game Pro

Face Weight: 45 oz

Short Game Elite

Face Weight: 35 oz

Bent Grass

Face Weight: 34 oz

XGrass Birdie Turf

Face Weight: 36 oz

Putting Green Gallery