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Natural Looking & Quick Draining

You know it’s true. The area around your pool or water park can be a hazard. The surfaces are often hot and, worse, slippery when wet. You need XGrass. Our turf can take the water without breaking a sweat. And, it can take it for years and years with very little maintenance.

A Complete and Safe System

Quick Draining and Slip Resistant water drop icon

XGrass all-purpose backing combined with drainage tile ensures effective draining at every inch of your splash pad. Our design reduces maintenance and enhances safety.


  • All-Purpose backing
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable and safe
  • ADA compliant
  • Drains quickly
  • Installed flush with existing surface
  • Minimal maintenance required
XGrass Waterplay Turf
All-Purpose Backing

Silverback™ urethane coating with EcoCell™ offers unmatched strength, improved dimensional stability and superior flexibility.

Tile Subsurface

Tile installed beneath your turf allows water to drain away quickly and completely.

XGrass Water Play Cross Section
Installation Cross Section

Over Concrete Base

For water play areas and turf splash pads, we typically recommend our Luxury Rec artificial grass with all-purpose backing. This turf features the draining capabilities necessary for wet environments while the Envirofill infill can provide some basic cushioning and aid in enhancing its slip resistant characteristics.

By installing XGrass over our drain tile, water flows through at a high rate - creating a fun, safe environment for play.

Recommended for Water Play

Luxury 1st Cut

Face Weight: 65 oz

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