Low Maintenance Grass Tennis Courts

Wimbledon’s All England Croquet Club adopted the sport of lawn tennis in 1880, and ever since professional tennis and grass courts have gone hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, grass tennis courts have lost most of their popularity over the years due to challenges with maintaining them. With XGrass synthetic grass tennis court systems, you can now bring lawn tennis to your home or facility without the hassles of maintaining a real grass court.

Ideal for New or Resurfaced Courts

Tennis Court Turf

Made from a special blend of fiber, XGrass synthetic grass courts provide a safe, family friendly surface that brings tennis back to how it was played for the better part of a century.  It can be installed over any sound base including:

  • An existing tennis court that has been cleaned and sealed
  • A concrete or asphalt slab
  • A crushed stone aggregate base - ideal for areas with impervious surfacing laws

XGrass artificial grass tennis courts will not crack or split like traditional hard court surfaces.  For homeowners and facility operators who are tired of the short lifespans of traditional hard court surfaces, XGrass artificial grass tennis courts offer an effective alternative to building or resurfacing a tennis court.

XGrass Artificial Grass Tennis Court
Color Options
Color Options

XGrass synthetic grass tennis turf colors mimic plush lawn courts
and clay courts.

Tennis Resurfacing
Resurfacing Capabilities

Converting your hardcourt to a synthetic grass court is as easy as cleaning the court while sealing any cracks and ensuring the base surface is level.

Recommended for Tennis Courts

Tennis Kit

Face Weight: 70 oz

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