Batting Cage Turf

When it comes to baseball training and batting cages, one kind of turf does not fit all.  XGrass can help you choose the turf and accessories that fit your application perfectly. All synthetic turf from XGrass provides the durability, traction and cushioning you need for a first-class facility.

Swing Away

Turf Benefits

XGrass will help you select the style of artificial turf that will blend well with your local environment – and meet the demands of your team. Our durable, high-performance sports turf is designed to stand up to high-traffic while keeping players safe and comfortable.


  • Custom inlaid lines or logos
  • DuraFlo backing
  • Premium American-made fibers
  • Durable backing option
  • Added safety
5MM Foam Pad

Our exclusive foam pad provides maximum cushion while aiding and softening ball rebounds.

Durable Fibers

American-made XGrass is manufactured with premium fibers specifically ideal for batting cage and baseball training surfaces.

Batting Cage
Installation Cross Section

5mm Foam Backing Over Concrete Base

Given that most batting cages and indoor baseball fields are placed on a concrete surface, the installation is relatively straightforward. The most common turf systems used for these applications will feature a 5mm foam backing and be glued directly onto the concrete surface. Infill is rarely used in these applications.

For outdoor baseball fields, installation techniques are often more similar to those for Athletic Fields, Open Play Fields or general landscape turf.

Recommended for Baseball/Batting Cages

Athletic Pro

Face Weight: 30 oz

Performx Max Play

Face Weight: 26 oz

Performx Sport

Face Weight: 36 oz

Performx Elite

Face Weight: 50 oz
Batting Cage

In Stock Baseball Accessories

On Deck, Fungo Circle

  • 4′ On Deck/Fungo Circle
  • 6′ On Deck/Fungo Circle

Batter's Mat

  • 3x7 Single Batter Mat
  • 4x6 Single Batter Mat

Pitcher's Mat

  • 4×12 Pitcher’s Mat
  • 6×12 Pitcher’s Mat

Home Plate Mat

  • 6×12 Home Plate Mat - Lines & Home Plate
  • 6×12 Home Plate Mat, Clay
  • 7×12 Home Plate Mat
  • 7×12 Home Plate Mat, Clay