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Artificial Turf for Putting Greens

If you want to simulate a putting green on the professional tour or putt around with the family in the backyard, XGrass features an industry-leading selection of synthetic turf systems for constructing golf and putting greens.

The XGrass Difference


Anyone who has ever tried to maintain their own putting green quickly learns why golf courses employ highly trained and experienced professionals to keep their green in shape.  Eliminate the maintenance with XGrass.


  • No watering, mowing or fertilizing
  • Practice all year
  • Beautiful and green all year long
  • Great community amenity
  • Turf systems for Putting, Short Game and Par 3 greens
XGrass Artificial Turf Putting Green Turf
Heat Block
Heat Block

We don’t want to be the “hottest” product on the market. With Heat Block color options, our turf is 17.5° F cooler than the competitors’ artificial grass systems.

Shine Block
Shine Block

Shine Block blade profiles reduce the reflective quality of the fiber allowing our grass to appear more like a healthy, well-trimmed, natural lawn.

TruRoll Infill

The TruRoll infill system is used to create the natural feel and softness of tour quality putting greens.

Golf Greens
Installation Cross Section

Putting Green Over Aggregate Base

The putting green depicted here is an example of a Tour Greens Short Game Green on which you can practice all elements of your short game.  The primary putting surface features our Short Game Elite turf and is complemented by a putting fringe surface made from Luxury 1st Cut turf. 

The turf is placed onto a compacted stone and stone dust base, secured with landscape nails and then finished with our innovative TruRoll infill system that gives the green its deep rich luster while keeping the surface consistent and receptive for the life of the green.

The Players Series

Modular Putting Green Kits

Designed by industry experts for serious golfers - DIY putting green kits exclusively through XGrass.

Artificial Turf for Putting Greens

XGrass manufactures and supplies a wide variety of synthetic grass products for use in constructing putting surfaces, fringe and rough. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the correct material for the putting surface based on its location (indoor vs. outdoor), base (aggregate vs. concrete) and application.  Our sister company Tour Greens, has a network of installers that specialize in designing and installing Tour Quality backyard putting greens while another sister company, Purchase Green offers putting green turf for building a DIY backyard putting green.

Short Game Elite

Face Weight: 35 oz

Luxury 1st Cut

Face Weight: 65 oz

XGrass Prime

Face Weight: 53 oz

XGrass Ultra Natural

Face Weight: 72 oz

XGrass Birdie Turf

Face Weight: 36 oz

Bent Grass

Face Weight: 34 oz

Ultimate Tee

Face Weight: 120 oz

Ready Putt

Face Weight: 36 oz

Short Game Pro

Face Weight: 45 oz

Eagle Putt

Face Weight: 48 oz
Case Studies

Bring the Fun Home

The Recreational Group specializes in bringing backyards to life. By integrating popular amenities like putting greens and multi-purpose game courts, we transform open areas into space where families and friends can gather to play, exercise and enjoy life.

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Bring the Fun Home
Case Studies


With three young children and plenty of space at their countryside estate, this couple tasked us with bringing the fun home to their little slice of heaven. By working with our sister companies Tour Greens, VersaCourt and Ball Hog, we were able to create a little something for everyone in the family.

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Countryside Estate Case Study
Case Studies

Private Island

Located in the Bahamas' Exuma Chain, Over Yonder Cay is a 72-acre private island famous for its white limestone rock formations and bright blue waters. Over Yonder Cay approached XGrass and The Recreational Group to design self-sustaining, eco-friendly amenities for their guests to enjoy.

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over yonder cay
Case Studies

Future Stars

A family with young children presented XGrass the opportunity to "Bring the Fun Home" to their backyard by creating this complete practice facility. This backyard includes a Tour Greens practice green, a multi-sport game court from VersaCourt and a batting cage complete with XGrass sports turf.

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Future Stars Case Study