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Artificial Grass for Dog Parks

There is a growing need in communities for clean outdoor spaces to accommodate pet owners.  As part of the Recreational Group's family of companies, we have solutions for every area of today's innovative dog parks.

Roll Over Real Grass

Turf Benefits

XGrass Pet Turf featuring our 100% permeable TruFlo backing requires no water and is virtually maintenance-free so it is ideal for park applications. For best results, the system also utilizes our drain tile, but can be installed directly over clean aggregate base for expansive areas.  To enhance the park even more, bonded rubber walkways and other features can be integrated into your design.


  • Provides mud-free playing surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Eliminates chemicals & fertilizers
  • Minimize allergen exposure
  • Stays green all year long
XGrass Pet Park Turf
Urethane Backing

Silverback™ urethane coating with EcoCell™ offers unmatched strength, improved dimensional stability and superior flexibility.


Infused with Microban® antimicrobial technology, Envirofill inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Tile Subsurface

Tile installed beneath your turf allows water to drain away quickly and completely.

Odar Treatment
Odor Treatment

ProVet Logic Kennel Care is an enzymatic spray that will seek out and degrade odor causing organic matter.

Mulch Border
Installation Cross Section

Over Aggregate Base with Mulch Border

The typical construction of our pet turf system features our XGrass Pet Turf with TruFlo backing mounted on top of our VersaCourt drain tile.  These can then be placed on either a crushed rock base for maximum drainage covered with our antimicrobial Envirofill infill.

To add stability when tying into mulched areas, we recommend using 24” stakes around the perimeter to align the pressure treated support boards used to secure the turf.

Recommended for Pets

XGrass Pet

Face Weight: 65 oz

Flex Pet

Face Weight: 60 oz

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