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Surfaces for Commercial Landscaping

No mowing.  No fertilizers.  No water.  That’s right, XGrass landscapes are practically maintenance-free, edge-to-edge.  They’ll make a great first impression on everyone who visits your facility and save you money too. 

Greener than Green

Turf Benefits

XGrass turf always looks bright, green and fresh-cut, even in the harshest conditions.  It’s soft, safe, comfortable, easy to maintain – and the perfect complement to any courtyard or landscaping project.


  • Requires virtually no maintenance
  • Variety of grass styles
  • Safer for people and pets
  • Conserves water
  • Eliminates chemicals & fertilizers
  • Attractive all year long
Heat Block
Heat Block

We don’t want to be the “hottest” product on the market. With Heat Block color options, our turf is 17.5° F cooler than the competitors’ artificial grass systems.

Shine Block
Shine Block

Shine Block blade profiles reduce the reflective quality of the fiber allowing our grass to appear more like a healthy, well-trimmed, natural lawn.

Lawn with Concrete
Installation Cross Section

Over Aggregate Base with Concrete Border

The requirements for most landscaping turf applications tend to be more focused on aesthetics than safety or athletic performance. Given this, you can can choose from a number of XGrass turf products and place them on top of a compacted stone base and geotextile barrier.

When installed with a concrete border, the turf can be nailed or stapled into the pressure treated support boards and then covered with Envirofill infill to give the turf a more natural appearance and limit any movement or shifting of the turf.

Lawn No Concrete
Installation Cross Section

Over Aggregate Base with Mulch Border

Another common installation for commercial landscaping turf utilizes a more natural-looking mulch border. These systems typically feature one of our landscape turf products along with ¾” of Envirofill infill that gives turf a natural look while keeping it from shifting or moving. The turf is placed on top of a compacted stone base and geotextile barrier which is surrounded by the mulch areas.

To add stability, we recommend using 24” stakes around the perimeter and then attaching pressure treated support boards that will accommodate the nail or staples used to secure the turf.

Synthetic Turf Lawn & Landscape Products


Luxury 1st Cut

Face Weight: 65 oz

Superlawn 1st Cut

Face Weight: 60 oz

Superlawn Elite

Face Weight: 70 oz

Superlawn Xtreme

Face Weight: 80 oz

XGrass Ultra

Face Weight: 72 oz

Bermuda Elite

Face Weight: 80 oz

Bermuda Lite

Face Weight: 45 oz

Bermuda Pro

Face Weight: 60 oz

Bermuda Xtreme

Face Weight: 80 oz


Face Weight: 50 oz

Fescue Pro

Face Weight: 55 oz

Fescue Xtreme

Face Weight: 80 oz

Luxury Rec

Face Weight: 72 oz

St. Augustine Elite

Face Weight: 82 oz

St. Augustine Natural

Face Weight: 62 oz

Superlawn 7

Face Weight: 74 oz

Superlawn Pro

Face Weight: 62 oz