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Turf for Indoor Fields

The right playing surface can make all the difference – that’s why you need XGrass. We’ll help you select the right synthetic turf for your next project that will take whatever your players can dish out – with a safe, durable, grass-like look and feel. We’ll deliver everything you need before, during and after installation to keep your project on time, on spec and on budget.

From Design to Installation and Maintenance

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Your XGrass representative will work with you to match turf to your specific indoor application so you’ll get the safest, longest-lasting installation possible. We can inlay logos or lines for clean, permanent markings that are both tough and attractive.


  • Custom inlaid lines or logos
  • Premium American-made Fibers
  • Safe
  • Durable
XGrass Synthetic Turf for Indoor Athletic Field
5MM Foam Pad

Our exclusive foam pad provides maximum cushion while aiding and softening ball rebounds.

Durable Fibers

American-made XGrass is manufactured with premium fibers specifically developed for a wide range of sports.

D1 Sports Training

XGrass is proud to be the official surfacing vendor of D1 Sports Training.

Indoor Field
Installation Cross Section

XGrass Field Indoor

Indoor fields feature our XGrass Field turf with a tall pile height to accommodate our crumb rubber and sand infill. The urethane backed turf is affixed to a concrete base with our recommended indoor adhesive.

Recommended for Indoor Fields

XGrass Field

Face Weight: 42 oz

Performx Active

Face Weight: 48 oz

Performx Xtreme

Face Weight: 58 oz

XGrass Field LP

Face Weight: 60 oz