Innovative Solutions from XGrass and VersaCourt

The problem with traditional acrylic tennis court surfacing is their vulnerability to fractures and cracks caused by temperature change and harsh weather. These cracks lead to inconsistent ball response and trip-related injuries that eventually render a court useless or too dangerous for play. The Recreational Group offers two innovative solutions for resurfacing your tennis court with safe, durable, high-performing surfaces that require very little maintenance.


XGrass Tennis
XGrass Tennis Courts

Convert to Synthetic Grass

Converting your hardcourt to an XGrass synthetic grass court is as easy as cleaning the court while sealing any cracks and ensuring the base surface is level.

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VersaCourt Tennis
Versa Court
VersaCourt Tennis Courts

Convert to Court Tile

VersaCourt tennis courts are fracture-resistant and provide an exceptionally durable surface that stands up to harsh weather conditions and aggressive play. The best part is, VersaCourt tennis court systems can be installed directly over your existing surface in a matter of hours, eliminating frequent repair and resurfacing costs.

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VersaCourt Multi-Sport
VersaCourt Court Tile

Convert to a Multi-Sport Game Court

if you are looking to get more out of your tennis court in the future, you may want to consider converting your tennis court into a multi-sport game court. With numerous tile color options, in-house line painting capability and court accessories for a wide variety of games and sports, you can convert your tennis-only court into one with activities for people of all ages and abilities.

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