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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyards are a place where families and friends experience life together. They’ve become the go-to area for socializing, games and activities. With the help of the Recreational Group family of brands, you can improve your backyard into a place everyone wants to gather.

50+ Fun Backyard Ideas

1. Bring the Fun Home with a backyard that has something for everyone.  This playful backyard features a VersaCourt multi-sport game court as well as a small putting green, batting cage turf and playground area featuring XGrass synthetic grass. See how the Recreational Group and XGrass "Bring the Fun Home."

Backyard with a multi sport game court, a batting cage, and putting green

2. This oceanside home is outfitted with a tour-quality, Tour Greens short game green as well as a one-on-one basketball court and shuffleboard court from VersaCourt. See Case Study

Oceanside home with a tour quality putting green in the backyard

3. Elegant backyard equipped with paver patio and luxurious inground pool surrounded by a Tour Greens putting green turf and half court, basketball court by VersaCourt.

Elegant backyard with a basketball court from VersaCourt and a putting green from TourGreens

4. For those with an aspiring major-leaguer, consider a synthetic grass backyard baseball field. The easy-to-maintain field features built in bases and dirt colored turf for a realistic appearance and can be used for baseball, softball, whiffle ball or kickball.

Large backyard baseball field with logos

5. This backyard was built for a professional athlete for at-home training. Features include an XGrass artificial turf open field and a VersaCourt backyard basketball court.

Backyard built for at-home training for a professional athlete

6. Bring the Fun Home when you work with all the RG Family of Brands to create the ultimate backyard for family and friends of all ages. 

7. Backyard design with an XGrass bocce court turf and VersaCourt multi-sport game court featuring basketball, pickleball, volleyball, shuffleboard, hopscotch and more.

Backyard installed with a multi-sport game court featuring basketball, pickleball, volleyball, shuffleboard, and hopscotch

8. Give your concrete or paver patio a more natural look with XGrass artificial turf strips.

Artificial turf strips installed on paver patios in the backyard

9. Bring Wimbledon to your backyard with your own XGrass synthetic grass tennis court. Plays like a real grass court, but without the maintenance.

Synthetic grass tennis court installed in the backyard

10. Add a VersaCourt shuffleboard court to your backyard to create a fun and exciting environment for family members of all ages to enjoy. 

Shuffleboard court installed in a small backyard

11. A VersaCourt basketball court is the perfect complement to the backyard pool.

VersaCourt basketball court installed next to the swimming pool in a large backyard

12. Tour Greens synthetic turf putting courses can be easily designed and integrated into your backyard space. 

Tour Greens synthetic turf putting green installed in the backyard

13. Got a lot of space? You can create your own replica putting green like Augusta National's famed #12 hole.

Large backyard with a putting green modeled after Augusta National's famed #12 hole

14. Go from practicing your putt to lounging by the pool with this ultimate backyard amenity. This Tour Greens putting green features multiple pins, bunkers and XGrass turf that doubles as a pool surround

Tour Greens putting green doubling as a pool surround in the backyard

15. VersaCourt backyard game courts are built to endure all kinds of temperature extremes. Create your own basketball court in the backyard for year-round fun.

VersaCourt backyard basketball court during the winter

16.  Pool, Patio and Putting Green...the three amigos of backyard landscape design. 

Pool, patio, and putting green installed in a large backyard

17. Work with landscape architects to design the perfect backyard get-away. This Tour Greens backyard putting green is a great addition for the avid golf player in your family.

Backyard putting green installed in the outdoor living space

18. Swisstrax designs tiles for every aspect of your home. From your garage, to the patio, deck and pool surround - create a custom backyard look with Swisstrax.

Backyard patio installed with Swisstrax's interlocking floor tiles

19. Design your own putting course for a little family fun. Less mowing, more putting practice at home.

A large backyard converted into a putting green course

20. Designed for a PGA Pro, this backyard putting green was custom designed by Tour Greens. During the off-season, this PGA Pro fine-tuned his putting skills in his backyard for the next big tournament. 

PGA pro backyard putting green custom designed by Tour Greens

21. Upgrade your backyard with a Tour Greens putting green and VersaCourt Shuffleboard court. These amenities are great for family fun and party hosting. 

Large backyard with a Tour Greens putting green and shuffleboard court

22. Have some open space? Install your own practice hole with a Tour Greens hitting mat and our innovative short game greens that look, feel and react like those on the tour.

Backyard open space with a Tour Greens hitting mat and short game green installed

23. Get creative with your backyard landscaping. XGrass artificial turf lawns can be designed to fit your specifications. 

Artificial turf lawn installed the backyard garden

24. Go all out with a colorful, full-court VersaCourt basketball court large enough to accommodate pickleball, volleyball, badminton and more. 

Large backyard designed with a VersaCourt multi-sport game court

25. Add to your backyards' value by designing your own backyard multi-sport game court with VersaCourt. This backyard court features a half-court basketball court, pickleball court, and volleyball court.

Backyard installed with VersaCourt's multi-sport game court

26. Lower your maintenance while lowering your handicap. This backyard putting green is complemented with 3 cuts of turf for practicing all types of chips.

Backyard putting green with different turf to practice chipping

27. For the aspiring athlete in your family, add court lighting for nighttime play.  

Backyard basketball court with court lighting

28. This downsized, "full-length" basketball court lets you experience full-court fun without the need for excessive conditioning.

Backyard with a full-length basketball court from VersaCourt

29. Bring the Fun Home with an artificial turf bocce court from XGrass and a tour-quality putting green from Tour Greens. 

Large backyard with artificial turf bocce court and tour quality putting green installed

30. Tour Greens' putting greens are not only perfect for poolside fun, but they require little to no maintenance and generate no clippings.

Large backyard installed with a large putting green area by a swimming pool

31. Don't limit your backyard playground to swings and monkey bars, add a VersaCourt basketball court and you'll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Backyard playground with VersaCourt's basketball court installed

32. Express yourself with a novelty putting green from Tour Greens. 

Large backyard swimming pool with a novelty putting green from Tour Greens installed

33. Work with VersaCourt to build several game courts in your backyard. This backyard features a shuffleboard court, half-court basketball court and a fence rebounder.

Backyard installed with a shuffleboard court, half-court basketball court, and ball rebounder

34. Banished to a private island?  Don't worry, Tour Greens can create an entire, low maintenance golf course to keep you entertained. 

Large putting green installed in the backyard of a lakefront home

35. This private paradise features a 9-hole executive course, practice green and synthetic grass tennis court.

Private beach backyard with a 9 hole golf course and tennis court

36. No matter the shape or size of your backyard space, you can maximize your fun with multi-sport game court from VersaCourt. This court features an adjustable net system for pickleball, volleyball and badminton.

VersaCourt multi-sport game court with adjustable net

37. Don't forget man's (or woman's) best friend. XGrass features artificial grass for pets that can transform any backyard into a puppy paradise. 

XGrass pet-friendly artificial grass installed in the backyard

38. This backyard basketball features a 2-in-1 basketball court - a full "half-court" and a half "full court." 

2-in-1 backyard basketball court from VersaCourt

39. Amenities abound in this backyard!

Backyard swimming pool with a putting green and basketball court next to it

40. Who wants a patio when you can have a putting green?

Backyard patio with a small putting green installed

41.  We carved this "Par 3 with a View" into the side of a mountain so an aspiring young golfer could avoid the long commute to practice his game.  

Backyard golf greens installed on the side of a mountain

42. Have some unique ideas for your backyard? Work with XGrass to integrate a variety of amenities in your backyard, like this in-ground trampoline.

In-ground trampoline with XGrass artificial grass installed around it

43. Design your own multi-sport game court in your backyard. Choose from a variety of game line options, or customize with your own lines and artwork. This VersaCourt game court features lines for basketball court and creases for backyard hockey. 

Large home installed with VersaCourt's backyard multi-sport court

44. Versacourt game courts are ideal for kids of all ages.

Kids playing in their backyard basketball court

45. Upgrade your pool deck with Swisstrax modular flooring tiles. Both functional and creative, design a unique pool surround flooring solution for your backyard today.

Pool deck with Swisstrax modular flooring tiles installed

46. Don't settle for one game in your backyard. Create a multi-sport game court with VersaCourt. This court features basketball, pickleball, tennis, volleyball, and a side shuffleboard court.

VersaCourt custom designed backyard multi-sport game court

47. Build a one-of-a-kind backyard space by adding a basketball game court. VersaCourt game courts can be customized to fit your space.

Backyard swimming pool with VersaCourt's multi-sport court

48. Ready for 24/7 backyard fun? Create a backyard multi-sport game court with VersaCourt. This court features basketball, volleyball, pickleball, tennis, an adjustable net system and court-lighting for nighttime play.

VersaCourt's multi-sport game court with court-lighting

49. Want to add amenities to your backyard but unsure because of space restrictions? Work with VersaCourt and Tour Greens to custom design an artificial grass putting green and backyard game court to your space.

Putting green and half-court basketball court next to a backyard swimming pool

50. Backyards can include more than a grass lawn. Add a backyard basketball court and ball rebounder for family fun 24/7.

Backyard basketball court with a ball rebounder

51. VersaCourt game courts are an ideal backyard solution for areas where other landscaping options are limited. 

Desert backyard with VersaCourt's multi-sport court installed

Ready to Get Started?

Bring your backyard ideas to life with the help of The Recreational Group family of Brands: XGrass, VersaCourt, Swisstrax, and Tour Greens. Whether you need insipriation for a backyard putting green, backyard multi-sport game court, eye-catching garage flooring, or unique artificial turf features, the RG family can bring your ideas to life.

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