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Compare Playground Surfacing Options

As a supplier, installer and designer of playgrounds, we are happy to share our perspective on the primary playground surfacing options for your review. Through our family of brands including XGrass synthetic turf solutions, Play It rubber surfacing, Mulch Outfitters EWF playground mulch and VersaCourt court tile systems, we can assist you in selecting the ideal surface for your space, budget and other needs.

XGrass Playground Surfacing Material Comparison

As a general rule, unitary surfaces (with the exception of rubber tiles), tend to outperform loose fill materials on every criteria aside from the time and cost to install. 

Material Material Type Safety
Synthetic Grass Systems Unitary              
Poured in Place Unitary              
Bonded Rubber Unitary              
Rubber Nuggets Unitary              
Rubber Tiles Unitary              
Engineered Wood Fiber* Loose-Fill              
Landscape Wood Mulch** Loose-Fill              
Sand** Loose-Fill              
Pea Gravel** Loose-Fill              

*Engineered wood fiber is a special type of wood mulch designed specifically for playgrounds to comply with ASTM and ADA standards for impact attenuation and accessibility. Most landscape mulches are not designed to comply with these guidelines.

**Pea gravel, sand and some mulches often meet compliance standards for impact attenuation, but rarely comply with accessibility requirements in the ASTM standards and are not recognized as ADA-approved materials.

Legal Disclaimer: The information contained in this document and website is provided for informational purposes only. The selection of the ideal surface for your playground may contain other factors not covered in this “General Overview” and you should consult a professional before specifying a particular surface.