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Installing the Perfect Bocce Court

Adding a bocce ball court to one’s backyard, community park or other facility is an easy way to Bring Your Space Alive. In this section of our website, we cover 6 key elements to consider when building a bocce court.

Tips to Install the Perfect Bocce Court

Elements to Consider lightbulb icon

It is important to consider the different elements that make a great bocce court and the fundamental steps involved with installation and ongoing maintenance.

  1. Determine the Location of your Court
  2. Determine Court Size & Design
  3. Select Your Playing Surface
  4. Choose Base & Drainage Options
  5. Select Border & Frame Options
  6. Maintain & Enjoy
an older person in an active pose lunging to roll a bocce ball down the court

1. Determine the Location of your Court

Factors to Consider:

using a chalk line to delineate your flat court area
illustration of a leveling tool

A Flat Surface

For balls to roll true, the installation area needs to be flat.

a narrow area at the end of a courtyard is ideal for a bocce court
illustration of a ruler

Long & Narrow

You are going to need an area about 50’ to 100’ long and 15’ wide.

Social Bocce
illustration of a wine glass

Near Social Area

Bocce is a social game so it’s often best near a patio or bar.

2. Determine Court Size & Design

bocce court diagram showing court length and line markings

Official Bocce Ball Court Dimensions

The US Bocce Federation states an official bocce ball court is precisely 13’ wide x 91’ long, but courts can be made virtually size.

custom size courts, like a half size court, are great for home or non-official league play

Recreational Bocce Ball Court Dimensions

Recreational bocce courts are typically about 10' - 13' wide and anywhere from 40' to 91' long. Some are even designed to serve as putting greens.

Bring the Fun Home

As a member of the Recreational Group family of companies, XGrass specializes in Bringing the Fun Home. By integrating popular amenities like XGrass bocce courts, Tour Greens putting greens and VersaCourt game courts, we transform boring yards into exciting spaces where families and friends can gather to play, exercise and enjoy life.

Bring the Fun Home
a backyard recreation area including bocce court, putting green, and a multi-sport game court

3. Select your Playing Surface

raised, wood-sided bocce court with synthetic turf surface
close detailed view of blades of synthetic turf for bocce courts

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf is the fastest growing surface material being used in bocce court construction as it offers great playability while being very clean and easy-to-maintain.

oyster shell surfacing on a bocce court
close view of crushed oyster shells used for bocce court surface

Crushed Oyster Shell

While crushed oyster shell mix is the traditional material used for a bocce court surface, it’s not very clean and can be a very difficult and expensive surface to maintain.

a loose fill bocce court at night
close detail image of course sand or gravel used as loose fill for bocce courts

Other Options

Not only do people play bocce on lawns, beaches and other non-traditional surfaces, but there are some other options which one can consider.

4. Choose Base & Drainage Options

A subsurface is vital to reduce ball ruts and ensure proper drainage. XGrass has a proven system that starts with a french drain buried in a bed of 4” gravel. Next, stabilization fabric will be laid down to provide subgrade stability and separation of the soil layer. Last, we highly recommend covering the stabilization fabric with Ultra Base panels. The rigid base panel eliminate ruts completely, ensuring perfect play for years.

The Ultra Base Difference
Two Recreational Group team members installing black Ultra Base tiles on concrete bocce court base

5. Select Border & Frame Options

Bocce court borders or frames typically measure 6 to 8 inches in height and can be made in a variety of materials.

raised concrete borders around a pair of bocce courts


stained wood and inset gravel bordering an outdoor bocce court


landscape wall block and paver stones used as a decorative border for a bocce court

Landscape Wall Block

aerial view of Lansing Brewing Company patio with picnic tables and bocce courts for employees to enjoy
Bring Your Space Alive stylized text

Adding a bocce court is just one way to Bring Your Space Alive. The Recreational Group's family of brands offer a wide variety of innovative amenities - from putting courses to multi-sport game courts - that will enhance the value of your facility, promote active lifestyles, and make your space more fun.

Bring Your Space Alive

6. Maintain & Enjoy

If you choose an XGrass playing surface with a good drainage system, your ongoing maintenance will be negligible and you can focus all of your time and effort on more fun activities like starting a bocce ball league.

Senior citizen playing bocce ball on turf bocce court

At XGrass, we work hard to provide our customers with all the necessary details about their upcoming project so they can make informed decisions. If you have additional questions about bocce courts, do not hesitate to contact us.

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