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IPEMA Certified Playground Grass

XGrass Premier Natural

Face Weight: 80oz.
Pile Height: 2"
Color: Summer Blend
Thatch: Tan
Fiber Type: Omega S

* The color in the photography may appear differently than actual product. Please request product samples from your sales representative.

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XGrass® Premier Natural IPEMA Certified Playground Grass
IPEMA F1292 Badge

The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) provides a third-party certification to ensure product conformance to specific ASTM and/or CSA standards. Each product promoted here, if certified by IPEMA, includes the name and model number for you to search the IPEMA website for verification. To verify product certification, visit www.ipema.org and conduct a search

Shine Block Icon
Shine Block

Shine Block blade profiles reduce the reflective quality of the fiber allowing our grass to appear more like a healthy, well-trimmed, natural lawn.

Heat Block Icon
Heat Block

With Heat Block color options, our turf is cooler than the competitors' artificial grass systems.

Other IPEMA Certified Products from XGrass

XGrass Prime

Face Weight: 53 oz

XGrass Ultra Natural

Face Weight: 70 oz

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