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18 Rooftop & Patio Ideas

Rooftop and patio spaces are a perfect place to host special events or lounge around with family and friends. Browse the endless options for rooftop and patio design ideas. From artificial grass to multi-sport game courts, create the ultimate rooftop or patio space with the help of recreational flooring solutions by the RG family of brands.

1. Design an open space turf field to allow for activities like cornhole, yoga, or even sunbathing. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 1

2. Perfect in urban areas, build a customized VersaCourt game court to fit on a rooftop space. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 2

3. Whether hosting a party or looking for a place to lounge, artificial grass for a rooftop space is a great design addition for any space. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 3

4. For multi-family housing limited on space, this rooftop dog park was the perfect addition for residents to take their furry best friends.

Backyard Rooftop Idea 4

5. Live in a unique area like this mountain side villa? Customize your space with a Tour Greens short game putting green

Backyard Rooftop Idea 5

6. Go for an innovative patio design with Swisstrax modular flooring tiles. These patio tiles are easy to install and are available in a variety of colors. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 6

7. Use these slip-resistance modular tiles by Swisstrax for a rooftop pool-surround. Customize with colors and even add a logo to the tiles. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 7

8. For those pool patio additions to your home, use modular flooring tiles as the perfect slip-resistant flooring to surround the pool and patio.

Backyard Rooftop Idea 8

9. Empty, unused rooftop space in an urban area? Add a multi-sport game court with fencing to build a fun space for everyone to enjoy.

Backyard Rooftop Idea 9

10. Modular flooring tiles provide a great flooring alternative for concrete patios or wood patios that are known to crack or ware over time. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 10

11. Build a unique patio or porch area with flooring tiles by Swisstrax. Customize with different colors and add artwork to the tiles for a branded finish.

Backyard Rooftop Idea 11

12. DIY, easy to install modular flooring tiles are perfect for an innovative patio design idea. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 12

13. Build the perfect patio lounge area to host family and friends with Swisstrax modular flooring tiles

Backyard Rooftop Idea 13

14. Whether for a business or home, design a one-of-a-kind patio space with modular flooring tiles that are easy to install. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 14

15. Add a shuffleboard court to your rooftop or patio area to create a fun and exciting lounge area for family, friends and guests.

Backyard Rooftop Idea 15

16. Using artificial turf for a rooftop or patio space offers a clean and safe alternative to concrete, wood, or real grass. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 16

17. Design a rooftop dog park for your furry friends to play. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 17

18. Custom putting greens by Tour Greens can be a great addition to an underutilized patio or rooftop space. 

Backyard Rooftop Idea 18

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Bring your backyard ideas to life with the help of The Recreational Group family of Brands: XGrass, VersaCourt, Swisstrax, and Tour Greens. Whether you want to add a putting green, game court, or unique artificial turf features, the RG family can bring your backyard ideas to life.

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