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Foam Underlayment

An underlayment pad, also known as a shock absorption or impact pad, is designed specifically for providing fall protection and impact attenuation underneath a synthetic turf playground surface.  These pads are uniquely designed to allow for drainage while balancing the needs for both cushioning and support.

Foam Underlayment


Typically manufactured from from cross-linked and closed cell polyethylene foam scrap, playground underlayment pads are a very environmentally friendly material that resist weathering, extreme temperatures, mold and moisture.  Plus, their unique construction allows water to drain quickly - preventing puddles from forming on and underneath the surface.

Best of all, the polyethylene foam is very lightweight and can be puzzle-cut into tiles for quick and installation.

View our safety information for a comprehensive look at how the subsurface affects the overall safety standards of your playground surfacing.

foam playground padding
Low Density

Low density foam pads often range from about 4-7 lbs per cubic foot and are used for general cushioning underneath playground surfacing.

Medium Density

Medium density foam pads typically range from 8-10 lbs per cubic foot and are used for a variety of drainage and cushioning applications as well as a partial replacement of crushed stone subsurface.

High Density

High density foam pads often range from about 11-13 lbs per cubic foot and are used for a variety of high impact applications.

The foam underlayment pads play a key role in allowing synthetic turf playground systems to meet and exceed ASTM guidelines for fall impact absorption.

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